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At DreamRunner, our mission is to empower people to cooperate around ideas that really matter to them and help all together make those ideas come to life. With the help of our DreamRunner community, we’re support entrepreneurship and give people an opportunity to consolidate their efforts to achieve the aim. Our motto is because every inventive idea should have its shot, and every creative entrepreneur should have their moment. We are confident that together, we can do everything and even more!




Get Up and Ride


Get Up and Ride is a bicycle tour company that organizes guided sightseeing tours and cycling events in New York City, particularly in Brooklyn. We also use our expertise in the active tourism field for application for corporate excursions, private VIP tours, and consulting on cycling / tourism related issues in New York City.


Goal Amount: $2,500
Amount Raised: $2,585

Grapevine Craft Brewery


The plan was to build a brewery from the ground up. Shoving tanks in a warehouse and calling it good is not happening here. Grapevine Craft Brewery is be situated just one block off of Main Street in downtown…


Goal Amount: $60,000

Amount Raised: $61,673



BreMobile is bringing the power of mobile advertising to small businesses all over the world. It’s no secret that mobile engagement is the future of advertising, but it’s still out of reach for many mom-and-pop stores. BreMobile allows anyone to market their…


Goal Amount: $300,000

Amount Raised: $300,000



Verità  is a skin care and body line that uses organic products from the Middle East and Africa that are sustainably processed from the earth and have a positively impact on the local community. Verità products use 100% pure Argan oil to…


Goal Amount: $7,500

Amount Raised: $7,500



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Jack Thompson

Chief Executive Officer

With more than 20 years of experience helping to build some of the biggest names in tech, Jack wants to make DreamRunner the online destination for personal causes. Previously he...

David Sands

Chief Financial Officer

David came to DreamRunner to help grow the company and realize its mission of bringing together friends, family and community to help one another. Previously, he was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence...

Mary Jones

Content Writer

Mary is our brilliant! She is in charge of all website updates, social media and emails to our fundraisers. Mary joined us in 2012. She also has her own blog...



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